Degree2act app is a tool for early detection of temperature alterations in your pig herd through the use of IR thermographic technology.

It is a technology that is currently available on the market at an affordable price and thus can be of wide application on pig farms.

Therefore, Degree2act should be an app available to all pig producers and veterinarians. It is an app for usage in your everyday routine. Degree2act can contribute to saving thousands of animal lives and should be of public access.

This project is lead by the Developer in collaboration with independent researchers. It is a very diverse team whose members offer different points of view, contributing different interpretations of the same scenario.

It is an open and willing collaboration, united by the same general goal and common interest.

The main goal is to provide an efficient tool for everyday use that will help you identify animals that need special care. Degree2act is not meant for diagnostics; however it enhances your vision. It is a great contribution to animal health and welfare as this technology is non-destructive and non-invasive.

Following the principles of dialogue, open negotiation, flexibility and unpredictability we understand that Degree2act is a live project. There is much to discover and exciting new directions to follow.

Overall, it is of utmost importance for us to state that Degree2act is established as a common project, declaring commitment to producers, consumers and animal health professionals. As a result, everyone will have access to it.

The Developer is committed to disseminate it.



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