Using Degree2act every day can significantly reduce antibiotic use on your farm

The use of contactless IR skin thermometry together with Degree2act app will help to improve health and welfare in pigs, since it is no longer necessary to use invasive instruments (such as rectal thermometers), avoiding stress and reducing the chance to produce iatrogenic transmission of pathogens through the thermometer.

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In order to use Degree2act, you will need Flir One thermographic camera

Please check here whether your smartphone is compatible.

You can, however, use it with any compatible phone and either version of Flir One or Flir One Pro (see here), and we are working hard to achieve optimal results with all available devices.


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 Including Degree2act in your vaccination routine will contribute to your herd health 

Degree2act interface is user-friendly, custom built for pig farming, it uses complex algorithms based on data obtained through experimental research.

Keep in mind that Degree2act improves precision every time you add data.

Use Degree2act as much as you can and become a member of our researcher community! Send us your reports and contribute alongside many producers worldwide, to healthier farms everywhere

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